The 1905

830 N Shaver St, Portland OR
(503) 460-3333

Why We Recommend

Jazz and Italian cuisine. The 1905 is to provide a culturally inclusive venue so the community can connect through experience, atmosphere, food, and drink. It references the year the first Italian pizzeria opened in the United States. This is not only significant because of our food fare, but because it’s symbolic of the melding of culture -- what was once an Italian import is now a quintessential part of the American experience. As such, The 1905 celebrates the Portland community as a whole and wants to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all. Owner and pizza visionary Aaron Barnes pays homage to the roots of Italian pizza through his mastery of classic technique, while infusing modern technique and creativity into the recipes. Our pizza is created with fresh ingredients, and even the vegetables come from the local farmer's markets in the area. Homemade sauce is made daily along with the pizza pie crust. Similarly, our bar staff uses the mastery of classic cocktails to inspire our signature program. The focus of both elements is geared toward providing a unique and high quality experience while maintaining the accessibility and modesty necessary to continually expand on their work; engaging with the clientele as a means of inspiration. The 1905 fully embraces our Portland roots. card

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