Kati Portland

2932 SE Division St, Portland OR

Why We Recommend

KaTi Portland offers one-of-a-kind “Vegetarian Thai Cuisine.” Our founders, Sarah Jansala and Ketsuda Chaison created KaTi Portland out of their passion for a well-made meal and a well-crafted drink. We appreciate simple, lovely food, as we believe that great food comes from fresh ingredients and a love of cooking. KaTi’s menu is rooted in tradition. We serve our customers the food we serve to our families. Our executive chef, Renoo Jansala, brings over 30 years of experience to our kitchen - churning out fresh and flavorful vegan and vegetarian fare. Every detail, from our house-made curry recipe to our completely no MSG ADDED menu, is executed with care and precision. Our bar menu is equal parts innovation, fervor, and craft. We pour ourselves into the art of bartending; we create house-made syrups, fruit-infused spirits, and fresh-squeezed juice to make craft cocktails you won’t find elsewhere. At KaTi Portland, the menus are as unique as our vision. So come share a meal with us. We can’t wait to share our community and our love of food and drink.

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