Bowery Bagels

310 NW Broadway, Portland OR
(503) 227-6674

Why We Recommend

Bowery Bagels was founded by a transplanted New Yorker whose goal is to replicate the high quality bagels he grew up enjoying. Each bagel we make is hand rolled. The dough is fermented to develop flavor and texture. After a long, slow proof, the bagels are boiled in small batches, then baked to perfection and delivered within hours. The ingredients in our bagels are deliciously simple. Shepherd’s Grain flour from the Pacific Northwest, malt, yeast, salt, and water. Bob’s Red Mill flours and grains. The occasional high quality spice or natural flavoring. That’s it. Bowery Bagels are baked by a small team of dedicated professionals and bagel fanatics in Northwest Portland. We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we do making them.   Eat > Casual     Downtown

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